Hitting brick walls

This blog is being started out of necessity. I’m a 31 year-old woman with a debilitating rare disease that wasn’t properly diagnosed until March 2014. I was immediately told just about all of my normal activities have been worsening my condition and I can’t risk another injury. I was also prescribed a power wheelchair which I have since obtained, but cannot use in my current residence. The power chair is meant to prevent further stress and potential injury to joints and spine that cannot handle the simple tasks we’ve all taken for granted at one time or another. I also cannot have a much-needed home health aide visit at my current residence. Not to mention I have a second floor bedroom and the only full bath in the house is on the first floor and laundry in the basement. I’m essentially trapped in one room alone most days, only making the trip downstairs to bathe and make a quick meal or two aside from doctor’s appointments.

I have applied for all applicable government-based housing and the wait lists are years long with able-bodied seniors getting preference. In this “system,” my young age works against me. I’d never begrudge my fellow citizen and human being housing, but why does someone who is severely disabled ultimately precluded from obtaining the accessible housing she so desperately needs?

I hope and pray that this blog serves the purpose of bringing about awareness of the lack of accessible housing for persons with disabilities and perhaps the right person will come across it and be able to assist me in finding a place where I can live life and give me the ability to get around with the assistance I so desperately require.

I welcome any suggestions or input! I have been repeatedly hitting brick walls and could use any help that can be offered.


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